Marleon return logistics & store closing solutions can help. Whether you need a team to handle your store closing and handling of the physical logistics management, we will handle your retail store or warehousing project and the allocation of your inventory.


With the changes in the current retail market, many brick and mortar wholesalers and retailers are adjusting their current physical presence. Some are moving completely into online sales and others are getting out of the market completely.
At Marleon Logistics we offer a true management approach to your store closing or re-positioning. Our team of professionals will handle every aspect of your project. We specialize in reducing costs. Increasing project efficiency and providing 100% customer satisfaction.


At Marleon, we offer a true management approach to your store closing and re-positioning operations. Marleon works closely with our clients to devise a personal and strategic plan that fits your essential requirements. We work together to evaluate the most effective manner for store closure and disposition of fixtures, machinery, and other related assets and are able to relocate inventory into existing warehouse space; relocate inventory to another current retail outlet or dispose inventory by auction or online clearance sales in order to quickly transform your merchandise into working capital.

Our team will create an optimal operating plan designed to effectively advertise and market your inventory to customers along with creating and implementing an exclusive system that is able to track your sales, your profit/loss margins, and your expenses.

While most companies focus on the actual store closing and bankruptcy, we devise strategies to ensure our clients receive the highest potential monetary recovery from divesting fixtures, inventory, machinery, and other essential equipment and assets in tandem with inventory and store closing sales. These targeted strategies provide our clients with the maximum return on their investment.


Our team will manage the following: 

Inventory assessment: We work with you or your individual management team to determine the best option for you.

    • Relocate inventory to an existing warehouse 
    • Relocate inventory to a current retail outlet 
    • Disposal and auction sale of inventory to 3rp party buyers

Store Clearout: Our team will clear your store or kiosk and ready for disposal through clearance/closing sales in-store or removal to a designated location for online auction or sales. Marleon will provide all labor and logistics/transportation as agreed.


If your company has a niche product with a market-following for your brick and mortar establishment and are looking to shift your focus strictly to Online sales, our team can create a holistic approach to the following: 

  • Online presence and distribution 
  • Online catalog 
  • Pick and pack and transportation management 
  • Social Media and Branding 

Unlike 3rd party vendors like Amazon, Wayfair, or other “preferred partner vendors,” Marleon only focuses on the warehousing, shipping, distribution, and online marketing and branding presence. Sales, product pricing, and receivables are managed by your organization. 

We meet with your management team to get a better understanding of your specific goals and requirements before we develop an effective, strategic process to accomplish your objectives. A detailed proposal is then provided to each client, taking into consideration:

  • Project size 
  • Number of SKU’s 
  • Seasonal or long-term warehousing and distribution
  • Product physical characteristic and scope of retrieval and distribution 
  • An initial consultation fee will be assessed, and a letter of intent is executed. The initial consultation fee will be in accordance with project size, scoop, and intricacy.


With the ever-changing of the current retail brick and mortar market, major retailers and whole sellers are adjusting their current physical presence. Online companies such as Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, and are continuing to expand their online retail and wholesale presence and adjusting to the current market conditions. 

Marleon Logistics works with disposition service companies to coordinate, remove and ship inventory, fixtures, machinery, and equipment for retail store/restaurant and office closures. 

With over 20 years of return logistics experience and transportation resources, Marleon Logistics can coordinate and ship fixtures, furniture, displays, kiosks, and inventory throughout the contiguous US. Marleon Logistics will work with your team to plan and execute tear down and removal services as well as clean up of the closing facility. Our team provides safe shipping with lift gate service when necessary.