Freight Cost

Marleon Freight Rate Assessment:

Due to the current volatility of freight rates, Marleon International will do a “quick freight analysis “on the various modes of transportation that may best suit your business needs. Rail transportation, including intermodal and rail cart; truckload freight; partial truckload, and LTL, as well as direct shipments (expedited and air), are all included in our suite of options, for your shipping needs.

Before we handle your cross-border freight, Import, or Export, we complete a full assessment on your current cross-border clearance procedures along with all warehousing and distribution needs. Often, we can identify redundancies that can be eliminated including, loading and reloading, transloading, staging and dispatching, customs clearance, and warehousing.

Since our inception in 2005, we have managed projects both large and small and helped streamline and provide excellent freight cost minimization. Working in close conjunction with our current transportation partners Marlon has the flexibility to expand and offer additional services to your company at no additional cost. Sone of those services includes direct cross- border, unloading and loading, and dispatch, without the need of a forwarder or the necessity of warehousing/storage.

Traditional 3pl ‘s have continued to operate under 1990’s freight management techniques, which is apparent in the way they operate staging, warehousing, loading, and unloading- when all of these services are redundancies of Import and Export Cross-border freight management.