Marleon International was established in 2005 as a transportation logistics company with a single focus in mind, to improve cross-border shipping and North American logistics economics and efficiencies. We are a full-service freight management firm specializing in US/Mexico/Canada transportation logistics, customs clearance, and drayage

We have expanded our core services over the years to encompass warehousing, IB/OB, and storage, as well as inventory management and asset management. We provide solutions for short- or long-term warehouses and shipping projects.

At Marleon we offer temporary or long term storage solutions and/or relocation of assets during business or store relocation; disposition services for your assets in the event of store closure or business closing, and disposal of machinery or fixtures, salvage or other removable property if needed.
Our goal is to simplify the maze of logistics for our customers by implementing solutions tailored specifically to the needs of each business. We treat your freight as if it were our own, working with your team to streamline the supply chain and realize consistent savings between 10-35% At Marleon, we realize shipping is a lot more than just a rate quote.

Transportation Logistics Professionals

We are a third-party logistics management and consulting firm specializing in North American supply-chain freight management. We believe in developing and providing integrated transportation and supply chain management solutions focused on driving customer business strategies that enable margin protection, expansion, and support of bottom-line business improvements.


Our Mission:

To provide North American Logistics, Transportation, and Warehousing Services that are cost-efficient, intelligent, and transparent. A solid partnership of mutual responsibilities between our clients and our company – year after year.

Our Vision:

To Manage and Facilitate Freight Logistics in North America, nurturing growth between countries, companies, and individuals. Fostering improvement, cultivating shared ideas, and continuing to promote the development of strong trading partners for the future.

What We Do

We offer an array of services catered to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for information on cross-border shipping, freight forwarding, or simply need an industry expert to help guide you through the shipping process, Marleon has the technical know-how and industry experience you can trust.

Comprehensive Freight Management is Our Specialty.

With over twenty years of brokerage and freight management experience, we aim to reduce our client's cost of transportation, improve our client supply chain efficiency, and assist with Mexico and North American trade.